Mompreneur 101: Supermom Survival Guide


charl-29Tip #1Kick start Your Day With A Healthy Breakfast
Take care of yourself in general.  Remember you are not ok, your product or service will reflect that. Skipping meals, rest and entertainment means you are not functioning at full potential. Maintain balance by keeping your body fueled, rested and properly hydrated!


Tip #2Get Organized 
Many of us keep and maintain an arsenal of lists and calendars.  With the bevy of apps, inboxes and smart devices out there many of us find ourselves “over-calendared”. Streamline those lists in to your favorite tool or app and set realistic due dates for each of your “to-do’s” There’s something about seeing it all outlined, dated and prioritized that can bring a sense of relief and “I got it covered” when you’re feeling overwhelmed

charl-14Tip#3 Get Silly
Press pause on the task list conquering and take a moment to get silly with your little ones. Today’s mom wears so many hats; wife, referee, negotiator, chauffer, entrepreneur, chef,  doctor, court jester, mentor. The job titles are endless! For modern moms it’s easy to get so caught up with getting the “important things” done that we miss getting the important things done. Things like building Lego castles and playing Secret Ninja Hideout.

charl-13bTip # 4:  “No” Is Not a Bad Word
This is something that many mompreneurs struggle with. We may feel we that in pursuit of success self-sacrifice is the rule. Saying no, is not an option.  The fear of missing out on the client that could be the game changer for your business brings a sense of obligation to take on everything. But remember there is only one you and there will always be more opportunities.  When you think about what motivated you to launch a business in the first place; things like better work/life balance and pursuit of your passion,  then you can take solace in the fact that no opportunity is worth compromising these things; the things that really matter.

charl-59The conclusion, long and short and gist of what we’re saying is don’t forget to take care of you; and every now and then pay a visit to your boys  Ben and Jerry for a little chocolate fudge brownie therapy (joking!…a little.)

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