Transformation: Before and After

Another addition to our great series!  We truly love doing before and after shots because it really shows people what we do!!  It helps others to see the potential when makeup is added and that it can be a good thing.  It can be as natural as you want it or as dramatic as you want it.  I ask my clients before each application, “what are we doing today?”  Once they tell me where they are going, what they are wearing and the effect they want their look to have then we go from there!

One thing we love to do is to bring out the eyes!  It’s really where you want others to look. . . not at your nose, not at your cheeks, not at that pimple you have (LOL!) but right square in the eyes.  So we try to use foundation wisely (coverage where it needs to be) so that the eyes are the first thing you notice when you see them!




Stefanie is beautiful with our without makeup, of course!  However, with makeup she is even more beautiful!


Softer smokey eye with liner that defines the eye shape.  A beautiful bridal look.





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