You Snooze, You Lose

_DSC2857Toddlers!  I have two in my home and they are an absolutely joy.

423512_3536933511497_2023103294_nComedic, curious and chock-full of energy, toddlers give the best material for portraiture…PERSONALITY!

285054_2282715436829_15209_nWhen it comes to photographing children of the toddler variety mood swings , short attention spans, and lightning fast maneuvers come with the territory.    Here are a few distraction tactics that I’ve found useful in working around these challenges

_DSC6203bThe Game
What does a lion say? Show me your sad face! How does a princess drink her tea? A little game of “I Spy” or role play can be a great ice breaker.

_DSC5771The Convo
Strike up a conversation using open ended questions.  I was floored by this 18-month old’s extensive vocabulary. Getting them talking and/or babbling is a great rapport builder.

_DSC8422The Gift
Portraits of children handing things (like a flower, lollipop, toy etc.) to someone can be so sweet. Giving a toddler busy work can open up an opportunity to capture a sweet candid.

_DSC6119Take 5
If temper tantrum or mood shift ensues, go with the flow; let them take a break, have a snack and then come back!

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