Boudoir Portrait F.A.Q.

For many, the very thought of doing a boudoir session can be  a source of much anxiety.  The boudoir session can be an empowering and out of this world fun experience but when you go in to your session without knowing what to expect the fun can get overshadowed by butterflies.  Today’s entry is designed to provide some insight about what to expect and how to prepare for your session.

What Is A Boudoir Session?
A boudoir session entails capturing tasteful intimate portraits as if in the privacy of one’s on bedroom. During your session you will have the option to be photographed in lingerie, fantasy pieces, implied and/or artistic nudes; all within the confines of your comfort level. Our studio is a women owned and operated photography and make-up studio. Most studios are fully equipped complete with a beauty room and portrait studio stocked with props, furniture and backdrops. We create a relaxed, comfortable environment for our clients and a completely custom tailored portrait experience.

_DSC7814The Location: Where should I Do My Session?
A great location can give your portraits the wow factor. Your session can be conducted in studio or you can select your own location. Locations like your home, a local hotel, or even outside in a private or secluded area. Be sure to discuss your location options with us before the date of your session.

_DSC0277bBeauty: What About Hair & Make-up?
Hair and make-up make-over is a must for your boudoir session. This is the time to step outside of your signature look and dare to do something different. Hair extensions, wigs, retro make-up; this is the time to try something new!

What If I Am Self-Conscious About My Body?
Many of us are not of the super model build but that doesn’t mean we can’t look cover model gorgeous in our shots. During your session your photographer will aim to highlight your best assets while de-emphasizing  the parts of you that you are self conscious about.  Which brings me to clothing selection…

_DSC7812Clothing Choices: What Should I Wear? Or Not Wear?
Bring clothing that you feel  beautiful in, items that fit your body type and accentuate your best attributes. We recommend at least one dress, black lingerie, Corsets, g-string panties for implied nudes, fun colors, stockings, tank tops, short shorts, sports jerseys & men’s business shirts. Don’t forget to bring accessories for each of your looks and your sky high heels .

390967_10150434958221768_1069648039_nHow Much Skin Will I have To Show?
Clothed, partially clothed, implied nudity and fine art nudes are all sexy. Let your photographer know what you’re comfortable with and your session will be conducted accordingly.

_DSC7798Theme & Props: What Concept Should I Choose?
For props bring items that are significant to you, Him, or both of you. (a shirt, tie, work uniform, instrument, sports team paraphernalia, it could even be his favorite car). For your shoot concept: Go with Fashion inspired, Carer inspired , Period Looks – 40s Pinup, 50’s housewife, and/or Sentimental – incorporate a family heirloom jewelry pieces  or a first gift. Make it personal!

175605_10150101851226768_1658255_oRetouching: Is Retouching Included?
Practices vary among photographers. Minor retouching is included with our boudoir portrait packages. We retouch the photos so that they look natural and true to who you are.  If desired, we offer more in depth beauty and body edits; additional fees will be payable.

_DSC0305What About My Privacy?
Privacy is a concern due to the intimate nature of boudoir portraiture. All boudoir images are kept in strict confidence and no images will be shown without permission from the client in writing. We use only professional labs and album companies that safeguard the privacy of our client’s images.

_DSC0280b2Boudoir Parties
You and three to four of your best girlfriends can get together and book your sessions on the same day. These can be done at the studio, your home or in a local hotel. Each of you will be photographed individually as you are dressed and ready. This is the perfect way to get over those first time jitters and it is a guaranteed giggle-fest. Be sure to have some food and drinks handy as it can make for a long but very fun session. At the end when everyone is dressed we take a group shot to commemorate the session.

_DSC0303For more information about our boudoir portraiture: 914.740.4172


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