My Big Fat Surprise Wedding

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One of the things we love most about we do at Lash To Lens is that we get to meet all these absolutely amazing people.  Today we met this bubbly beautiful newlywed.  Katie booked a just for fun session with us and among all of the beautiful garments she brought to wear was her bridal gown.

“Well we had a surprise wedding so I thought it would be nice to take a few portraits in my gown” – Katie-

A surprise wedding?! I had never heard of such things until today….and apparently I have been living under a rock because a quick google search revealed that surprise weddings are not so uncommon.

What a great alternative to elopement for the low-key couple who’s not in to all the bells a whistles but still would like to share their day with loved ones.

Katie  and her fiance pulled the surprise off with the help of their parents. Katie, who is of Scottish descent, invited about 100 friends and family to a clam bake.  Imagine the surprise of their guests, when  Dad and Katie, clad  in her wedding gown, interrupted said party with a surprise wedding processional. Lead by live bagpipe playful, Katie and her dad walked down the “aisle” while her pleasantly surprised loved ones looked on.

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