Get In To Character!

Carol’s boudoir calendar shoot is set to take place over the span of two sessions. Part One of Carol’s session, which took place at two locations in Shelton CT was very well planned out down to the details.

If there is one thing that I picked up from working with Carol, is that when it comes to your boudoir concept,

it always helps to do a little homework about the character you plan to become.

If you want to transform yourself in to a secretary,

corrupt cop or judge;

then you should incorporate some of the authentic elements of that character in to your lingerie shoot.

Carol went from Biker Chic, to…
Bad Girl Arrested, Baseball Vixen, Lifeguard and the list goes on;

Charlene of About Face Makeup was on hand to help transform her for each look.

We covered a total of eight concepts during this session. The results of which will be fully revealed when her calendar project is complete!

Stay tuned for a sneak peek of part two of our session with Carol. Scheduled to take place at a hot NYC location with five new concepts!!


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