At Home With The Carroll Family: A Photo Recap

If you are familiar with my work, you may recall that I had the pleasure of photographing Maleeka Carroll’s über fab baby shower.

The shower was meticulously planned out by her besties, one of which also happens to be our favorite DJ, DJ Nadia Vidal!

Well baby Madison, the newest addition to the Carroll family made her debut 3 months ago.

When Maleeka contacted me about photographing Madison’s very first portraits I was so thrilled!!

Maleeka signed up for the full Kesha and Charlene Experience with a makeup and photography session.

 Maleeka  has beautiful skin.  She was wearing a bold colored pink blouse and wanted to incorporate that color into her makeup.  Charlene added a touch of the color to her eyeshadow, and hinted at it with her blush as well as lipstick/lipgloss.  

Then we were ready to go.

The session was conducted in various rooms of their home and on the grounds of the property. A perfect setting for family portraits.

Madison is a natural in front of the camera

With infants, the session should ideally be kept at under 30 minutes.

We gave Madison a break, and spent a little time with Mommy and Daddy.

and that’s a wrap!

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