Cute Canoodlers

Engagement portraits are fun bonding experience and create lasting memories! Here are a few of my favorites for 2011!

The Ring Shot – Always on my to-do list for both the wedding and the engagement session.

Your Silly Side – We all have one.  Bring it with you to your engagement session!

Just Us Kids
  Keep It Movin’ – Movement and play during your portrait session will loosen up those first time nerves!

Caught Up In The Rapture – Just forget about the photographer and the onlookers!

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple and flash a winning smile!

No seriously…Kiss! Your engagement portraits are the time for excessive PDA


Let’s Get Cozy

Reach Out And Touch Someone

When It’s Cold Outside….


I’ve Got The Month Of May – You can capture beautiful portraits during any season but there’s something sweet about engagement portraits in the Spring!


To view portraits from these and other Kesha Lambert Photography sessions visit:

Or Find Us On Facebook: Kesha Lambert Photography


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