Boudoir Portrait To-Do’s!

Boudoir Portraits!!  This is a Hot Topic Ladies!!  I’m going to share a few tips that I picked up along the way about  how to best prepare for your custom boudoir portrait session; both from my experience as a portrait photographer and from clients and colleagues! The demand for creative boudoir portraits has been on the rise lately. Along with engagement portraits, and trash the dress portraits, boudoir portraits seem to be the latest must have addition to every Bride-to-Be’s wedding photography package.

What better way to WOW your beau than to surprise him intimate portraits.

TIP #1 – Find A Photographer That You Feel Comfortable With
 – This may, or may not, be the same person you booked for your wedding photography.  Let’s face it, this is one of the areas where being a female photographer gives me an edge.  All things considered, you’ll want to choose a photographer that you won’t feel awkward in front of as you saunter about in your unmentionables.

Once you decide on who will be shooting your portraits, it is always helpful to decide on how risqué you’d like your shots to be and to communicate your preference to your photographer. Ok so your boudoir portrait session is one of those times that you should leave your inhibitions at the door; but obviously stay within the realms of your comfort zone. Whether your preference is for ankle length silk nighties or implied nudes; it’s a good idea to let your photographer know your limits to ensure that you are both on the same page.

– You may find it helpful to browse boudoir portrait portfolios out there on the web to mentally prepare yourself and gather ideas for poses and body language;and there’s nothing wrong with practicing in front of a mirror.

TIP #4 – BOOK YOUR MAKEUP ARTIST / HAIRSTYLIST – We use AboutFace Makeup for all of all our makeup and hair needs and I cannot stress this enough…your custom boudoir portrait session is not the time to pass on the help of a pro.  Boudoir portraits are about transformation and in many instances, fantasy.

And this is the time for sexiness, beauty and glamour to ooze from your eyes, your lips, your face  and your skin. You’ll want a professional Makeup Artist on deck to help make the magic happen!

TIP#5 – GET YOUR STYLE RIGHT – Choose lingerie, clothing, accessories and props that both fit your style and flatter your best assets.

Think outside of the box when styling your session; and don’t be afraid to call in some help from a stylist or one of your besties.  Borrow some items from the boyfriend/fiance/hubby; like a tie, work shirt or A-shirt. Try things on ahead of time so that there are no surprises. Once you’ve decided on your clothing and/or accessories, fill your photographer in on your plans. It may inspire some new ideas for props.

This probably goes without saying, but dental floss, hairpins, liners, safety pins etc can be unexpectedly needed during your session. Bring your toiletrie bag along!TIP#7 – LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! – Location matters for more than just real estate.  For your custom portrait session location can make the difference between WOW and womp womp. If money is no object, book the best suite at your favorite hotel.  If budget is a concern, use your home, or the photographer’s studio.Another money-saving option is to ask your photographer if he or she will be planning a boudoir portrait marathon in the near future; boudoir portrait marathons are often held in gorgeous locations. A little warning about photography studios; if you’re planning to do your shoot at your photographer’s studio, inquire about the setup they use for boudoir portraits.  If the studio is small or only equipped with static backdrops, then there will be limitations with regard to the types of images that will be produced from your session. 

TIP#8 – TAKE A DOSE OF LIQUID COURAGE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY RELAX!!– This advice came straight out of the mouth of one my favorite clients.  Nerves and tension can take control over your mind and body, especially for first timers. Tension and nerves equal awkward body language.  A glass of your favorite wine, or a shot of your favorite spirit can put those nerves in check. Drink responsibly of course :).  If you’re not a drinker, find something else to calm those nerves. Music and stretches are also a must for your boudoir portrait session.


To view more boudoir portraits from these and other boudoir portrait sessions by Kesha Lambert visit www.keshalambert.comOr find us on Facebook under the name Kesha Lambert Photography!

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  1. Amazing pics. You made me feel like it was just an ordinary day no fuss. I was having so much fun and you had great ideas. I would recommend it to any woman or man. It was like a vacation. Something I will remember for the rest of my life. So like a vacation I will have to do it periodically, every six months, a year, whenever. I can not wait to do it again. Thanks Love!

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